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Porting is the process in which application is moved for one mobile platform to another. Through standardization and reuse of code we can create significant efficiencies in quickly and efficiently porting applications. Demand of mobile applications is increasing due to wide spread of business opportunities. Main challenges in front of mobile application development companies are absolute number of operating systems, different devices and their features, sizes and market requirements thus porting applications has become a critical challenge.

Comtronics has experienced and skilled team of mobile developers who will help you to port high quality mobile applications cost effectively. Our developers provide broad services across platform like operator specific and handset specific porting services. Application Porting helps the company to give services with minimum changes in business and environment. Porting of mobile applications depends on device, platform and user interface. Three phases that are covered during porting are analysis & design, development and test & verification. As a developer it is his responsibility to ensure that all mobile applications fulfill the preferred objectives and also verify whether it works on multiple devices and networks with preventing all the defects.

Application porting can port applications from any platform like Windows, MAC, UNIX and LINUX. Our team developers have strong expertise to perform porting from any source to any target platform. Comtronics has successfully delivered many complex application porting projects for their clients. Our company provides outsourcing of mobile application porting which helps users with access to real time information anytime and anywhere in the world on any device.

Our Mobile Application Porting Services include:

Benefits of Mobile Application Porting with us:

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